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About The Colloquium Papers and Practices Selected for Publishing
Test Case Estimation Using Binary No Representation
Tushar Karhu, Atos Origin
Landmines of Software Testing SLAs - What you must know before you commit on Testing related SLAs
Gopinath Mandala, Cognizant Technologies
Demystifying Cloud Based Testing for Real World Performance
Charanjit Singh, Accenture
Demystifying Usability Testing An insight into usability testing and techniques
Padma Satyamurthy, Target Corporation India
Exploratory Testing for Mobile Apps in Agile SDLC
Jeesmon Jacob, UST Global
Role of consulting in Transformation
Reghunath Balaraman, Vimal Sankar, Infosys Technologies
Test Estimation
Shyam Sunder, Sapient
TestProcess Improvement
Shyam Sunder, Sapient
Risk Based Testing
Shyam Sunder, Sapient
SOA Testing Challenges & Recommendations
Biplab Hazra, Debabrata Ray, Debraj Sarkar, Sabyasachi Banerjee and Sibasis Datta , SkyTECH Solutions
Defect Prevention and Management (Reduction in High Percentage of Rejected Defects)
Shyam Sunder, Sapient
Accessibility Testing
Archana Kaul and Nirmal Pal, Corbus
Web Application Security Testing - A Study
Saravana Mariappan, Accenture
Generic Automation Framework with plug-in for Programming language
Boobalan Srinivasan and Onnesimus Samprabhu, Honeywell Technology Solutions
Agile Testing
Archana Vijay Gaikwad, Accenture
Quality Centre - Open Test Architecture Implementation
Gauri Divekar, Accenture
Challenges in Testing External Interface of Software Systems
Ravi Kumar BN , Honeywell Technology Solutions
Achieving Testability in Data warehouse testing
Vibhor Raman, Mindtree
Embedded Device Automation Framework
Arthi Venkataraman, Wipro
Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence(DW/BI) Testing - A Myth
Charanjit Singh, Accenture
Test Encapsulation - Enabling Powerful Automated Test Cases
Rahul Verma, McAfee
Leveraging Automation for Globalization Testing
Ashok Pantham and G Vinod Kumar, Deloitte
Testing Techniques for Web Services User Scenarios at Unit Level
Bennydass Soundaradas, Vijay Ravichandran and Gayathri Natarajan, AVACorp Technologies
Software defect prediction model: A statistical approach
Shaik Nafeez Umar, Bathineedi Koteswara Rao and Beeram Raghav, AppLabs
Virtulized Test Environment
Radhika Limaye, IBM
Test Automation using Open Source Tool-Selenium
Sachin Kumar, Corbus
Virtualization in Testing
Jyoti Prakash, Accenture
Analytics Driven Approach for Easy and Effective Test Coverage Planning and Tracking
Ajay Jain, Adobe Systems
A foray into Cloud Testing and Cloud Computing
Aritra Basu and Greeta Joseph, Accenture
Effective Test Execution & Tracking
Shashikala BV and Hema Joshi, Novell Software Development
A Practioner’s Approach to Data Warehouse (DW) Testing
Hanumesh V J, Sundar K S and Shekhar H M P, Infosys Technologies
Applying CMMI Process Areas in the Testing Arena
Balamurali L, Akhila E K, Arun Kumar V and Betty K John, Network Systems and Technologies(P) ltd
iMetrics - Intelligent Metrics Monitoring, Control, and Analysis System
Ajay Jain, Adobe Systems
Test Automation Evolution
Priyadarshini Sekhar and Kiruthika Ponnusamy, Aspire Systems
Test Management across the Zones
Vinod Gopishetty and Ashok Pantham, Deloitte Consulting
Suraj Prakash Pandey, Accenture
Keep Continuing Evolution of Software Testing Effectively
Shiv Narayan Prabhakar, Microsoft
Agile Methodology and It's Implementation across Multiple Shores
Vishwas Shenoy, Accenture
Applications of Six Sigma Techniques in Effective Software Testing, Defect Prevention, Process Optimization and Designing Efficient and Robust Software with Reduced Turnaround time
Anupam Singh, McAfee
Transforming Testing via Total Test Quality. Technology Assembly Center (TAC), A Paradigm Shift in Testing Delivery!!!
Aishwarya Gupta, IBM India
New Era of Crowd Sourcing
Rajani Parvathaneni, Rishi Kumar, Deloitte Consulting
Explostic: A Cognitive Approach for Knowledge Testing
Veereshkumar Hiremath, Qwest
Healthcare Testing for the Compliance Era: The Road Less Travelled!
Kumar Raman, Syntel
Distributed Agile-Challenges & Stratagies
Rajani Parvathaneni and Nagendra Nidadavolu, Deloitte Consulting
Risk based life cycle testing for web applications
Annamariale Chandran, AVACORP Technologies
Risk Based Testing For Rehosting Projects
Surekha Bandaru, Rajani Parvathaneni, Deloitte Consulting
Security Testing--Challenges & Strategies
Harsha Vardhan & Kalyan Kottapalli, Deloitte Consulting
Common Test Strategy
Abhishek Alladi, Honeywell Technology Solutions
Integrated Product Development in Agile - Pros and Cons
Tulasi Anand, Nanjunda Prasad and Manjunath KN, Siemens Information Systems
My 7 Blunders in Performance Testing: Risks & Mitigations during Performance Testing
Venkateswara Goud, Philips Electronics
Cloud Testing — Challenges and Strategies
Ravindra Reddy, Kottapalli Kalyan and Chinta Harika, Deloitte Consulting
Load Testing Web 2.0 Technologies
Arpit Disawal, Accenture
Testing with Requirements Tracibility
Pawan Kumar Lolla and Vamsidhara Vangala, SAP Labs
Building Better Test Management System – The Analytics Way
Ajay Jain, Adobe Systems
Measures for Effective Team Management
Surekha Bandaru, Kottapalli Kalyan Chakravarthy and Harsha Vardhan Muthyala, Deloitte Consulting
Effectively testing web applications using JSP Pre-compile technique
selvakumar, SAP Labs
ART - Utility Based Pricing Model for Managed Test Services
Govardhan Chakravarthy and Sandeepan Saha, Logica
Emerging Test Automation Tools and Evaluation
Praveen Matade, Logica
Testing Process Improvement for delivering a reliable product
Nidhi Sharma & Nidhi Goel, Headstrong
Continuous Build, Integrate and Test Automation
Madhu Satyanarayana and Praveen Matade, Logica
Mobile Business Application Testing
Ruchi Shrivastava, L&T Infotech
Improving geometry in Automated testing
Ratnesh Pandey, McAfee
Transforming Testing Organisations ... With an Evolutionary approach
Shiva Rajesh Agolla, Capgemini
An Elegant Approach To Automated Software Testing Using The Dimension Of Artificial Intelligence
Arit Kumar Bishwas, Mind Tree
Effective Maintenance Strategy for Test AutomationX
Madhumathi Rajan, Avacorp Technologies
Testing Heuristics & Cognitive Approach to Testing
Neha Thakur, Diaspark INC.
Risk Based Test Scoping and Estimation
Mahesh Inamdar and Vummidi Adinarayana, Logica
Automated Localization Testing
Harmanjit Singh Chopra and Atul Guru, Fiserv
QC, SolMan - An interesting conversation! A new perspective on Testing
Joshua John Rebba and Leena Praphul Kommawar, Deloitte Consulting
Test Case Development Recipe for Total Test Coverage
Dhanashri Pote- Bhide and Jijnasha Pattanayak, L&T Infotech
A unique method to automate SOA test using COM objects
Rajashekar Gouda Hotur, Ciber Inc
Automation Suite - Scripting isn't everything in Automation
Ankur Arora, Deloitte Consulting
Design by contract approach to test generation for EFSMs using GA
Andrey Zakonov and Anatoly Shalyto, NRU IFMO
Paradigm Approach to ensure Data Quality between Datawarehousing Platforms
Vishwadeep Singh, Infosys Technologies
Cloud Testing
N.Fiaz Banu, Accenture
Implementing Test Requirement Management
Kaushik P.Thakkar, Deloitte Consulting
Feel the Difference - Transform to Agile
Shilpa Gangrade, Deloitte Consulting
Building a Highly Responsive and Dependable Testing Team
Sandeep Paul, Gaurav Oberoi and Rimjhim Oberoi, L&T Infotech
An Overview of Exploratory Testing
Mahalakshmi Mohan, Honeywell
Managing Large Test Environments
Sushil Yadav, TechMahindra
Release Assurance Management in testing
Swarnalatha Marjee, Tech Mahindra
Three C's of Team Building
Daniel Jaipandian, Computer Sciences Corporation
A promising data migration approach from HP Quality Center to IBM Rational Quality Manager
Dhivya Nagendran, Nehal Gutka, Nirmalya Sarkar, Deloitte Consulting
Effective Requirements Ambiguity Testing
Vishnu Vardhana Bhandari, Deloitte Consulting
EASE - An Approach to New Generation Testing
Priyanka Prakash, InterGlobe Technologies
Understanding TESTING ESTIMATION using Use Case Metrics - A loom for testing Estimation
Sanjeev Kumar and Sapna Singh, Fiserv
Risk Based Testing -Methodology
Milind Thombre, Zensar Technologies
SOA Testing - A boon
Rubadevi Venkatachalam and Sujitha Subramanian, Accenture
Achieving Testability in Performance Testing
Ramanath Shanbhag, Nilesh Dasharathi, Vishalam Krishnankutty, MindTree
Security Defects - What's the Deal?
Roopa Jaganoor, IBM
Productivity Improvement in Testing Projects
Bobby Varghese Ittypatta, Aricent
Software Test planning
Viswanatha KR and Abhishek Mishra, SAP Labs
A Methodology for Risk-Based Testing
Swathi Matam, Pankhuri Taneja, Deloitte Consulting
Quality in Testing
Chaitanya Krishna Deo and Anitha T G, Tech Mahindra
Mobile Testing Demystified
Divesh Nayyar, Swarnima Bansal, Adobe Systems
Database Reliability Testing Using Exploratory Testing Techniques
Suneetha Thaduri, IBM
Risk Based Testing
Akshay Kumar Shah, Deloitte Consulting
Protocol Testing in Agile environment using TTCN-3
Padmaja RamaChandraRao, Prem Sagar Dash, Kishore Garlapad, IBM
Facts Unleashed - How Requirement freezing impacts Success ratio: Product Vs Project
Rhanjhani Palanisamy, Chaitra Mohan, Amul Raj, Accenture
Test Program Management in the context of End to End Testing
Namagiri Ramesh, Tech Mahindra
Building a Migration Testing Strategy for early defect detection
Suvojit Mukherjee, Sathya Priya B, Avinash Anand, Collabera
Web Services Security Testing - An End to End Approach
Gaurav Shah and Ravi Gopal T, Patni Computer Systems
Industrial Product Acceptence Using Agile Methodology
Sachin Mane; Vikas Singla; JaswinderPreet Singh, GE - India Innovation Center
Virtualization - Reality of the virtual and virtuality of the Real
Akshima Labroo, QA InfoTech
Leverage Performance Tests to Identify Appropriate Hardware Configuration for an Application
Vishnu Bangar Raju C and Shubhangi Raina, Collabera
Requirement Based Testing - An Introduction
Preethi S Vemu , Mukesh C Gupta, Microsoft
Reusable Test Framework for Mobile Based Applications
Navaraj Javvaji and Velpriya Chelladurai, AVA CORP Technologies
Test Process Improvement
Swagata Chaudhuri, Cognizant
SQL Injection Testing - 'A Must' (A Detailed Report)
Sasirekha Saragadam and Dipti A Mhatre, Deloitte Consulting
Knowledge Management
Abhijit Desai, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Test Effort Estimation Using Estimated Test Point
Kannan N & Roopa Satish, Tech Mahindra
Richa Tiwari, QA InfoTech
Quantifying the Business Value of Testing
Saroj Patnaik, Fiserv
An approach for Performance Testing Flex based applications
Naveen Kumar Jagatabi, Rupa Sureshkumar, AVACorp Technologies
Exceed your customer's expectation
Yogita Chandra and Abrar Shaikh, L & T Infotech
Methodological Test Strategy & Planning
Azhar Khaji and Rakesh Kizhakke, Honeywell Technology Solutions
Proprietary testing tool in software testing
Manikandan B M and Sanjeev Chauhan, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Improving the Testing Effectiveness
Nanda M P, Aricent Technologies
Risk Based - Business Driven Framework
Megha Gupta, Deloitte Consulting
Cloud "Functional Automation" Testing
Pavan Vangala and Kalyan Pallapolu, CGI
Importance of Security Testing for Web Applications
Naveen Krishna Kanuganti, Sadasiva Reddy Sriyapureddy and Venkata Satish Ponnuru, Click and Buy Services
Software Testing As a Service
Yogita Yashwant Parthe, Cognizant
Test Execution and Tracking-Using Defect Arrival Model
Sadasivam M, Aricent Technologies
Performance Engineering
Manish Sinha, Accenture
A model-driven approach to test design automation
Saurabh Bobde, Nikhil Karkhanis, Zensar Technologies
Transformation as a Managed Service – A benefits-driven Framework
Sireesha Jajala, Tech Mahindra
Custom Automation Framework for Framework Testing using C# and .NET
Bharath Sannadi, Deloitte Consulting
Customer Self-Serve Test Automation Model
Naresh Vattikonda, Rajesh Maipady, CGI Information Systems & Management Consultants Private Limited
Guidelines for a successful Migration/Conversion project
Bhuvaneswari Inbasekaran and Priya Subramanian, Accenture
Risk Based Testing
Amruta Kala, Accenture
Packaged Testing Service
Shashidhar S and Rashmi C R, SLK Software Services
A 360 degree panorama demonstrating strategical investments in Software Testing would be engineered to facilitate tracking & global delivery
Venkata Ramana R, Sushant Hubilkar, Cisco Systems
Virtual Software Testing: A boon for software tester
Pendyala Anila Naga Tejaswi, Auomatic Data Processing India
The language of risk in software testing
Tejaswi Anila Naga Pendyala, Automatic Data Processing India
Sunny Prospects Of Cloud Computing !
Prashant Suri, QA InfoTech
CPU Virtualization: A Smart Approach To Software Testing
Nikhil Koundinya and Nagarjun S, AppLabs Technologies
VS 2010 Test Professional - Breaking barriers between developers and testers
Murli K Iyer, Rajib Barua, Accenture
Testing as a strategic function
Lekshmi Arun, Deloitte Consulting
Performance Testing in Cloud -A pragmatic approach
Neha Thakur, Diaspark Inc
Integration testing with Legacy system
Nagaraja Kumar S, Auomatic Data Processing India
Insight on Business Intelligence & Comparative Study on BI Reporting Tools
Mary Silvasthia and Samina Afreen, Accenture
Middleware Testing Methodologies and Tools
Seetha Selvaraj, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Database Performance Bottleneck Analysis: Looking beyond the obvious
Nilesh Dasharathi and Neha Tiwari, MindTree
Automation testing of Application Services Layer of a Biometric Identification Subsystem
Praveen Shivashankar, MindTree
DIY: Cloud based low cost, elastic load generation using open source tools
Nikhil Chinchwade, Budhaditya Das, MindTree
Cross Site Scripting: A Vital Strategy to Web Application Security Testing
Sarika Kandikonda, Deloitte Consulting
Real Testing in the Virtual World - Virtues of Virtualization
Neeshant Srivastava, QA Infotech
Mobile Handset Remote Test Lab: Cost Effective approach of Mobile Handset Testing
Nayan Jain, L&T Infotech
Exploratory Testing in the large
Anutthara Bharadwaj,Nivedita Bawa, Microsoft
Getting into faster testing (Gift)
Madhusudan G, Arcot
Journey to Next Level of Automation - A Road Less Travelled
Ashis Guru, Vijjay Muthukrishnan, Capgemini
Effective Implementation of Exploratory Testing at an Organization Level
Akash Sagi and Pavan Kumar, McAfee
Use of Statistical Measures for Performance Tuning and Test Optimization
Anitha Nayak and Tultul Baishya, McAfee
Test Using Virtualization
Madhuri M Konnur, Capgemini
Catching Bugs Upstream
Sachin Jain, Priyanka Azad, Adobe Systems
Holistic Testing Framework for Web Applications
Dinesh Geddam and Prem Apte, Zensar Technologies
Open Source Tools - Cost Effective Software Testing Method
Sumalatha Tejomurtula, Capgemini
Defect Management - Techniques and Metrics
Amit Ghag, Capgeminis
Low Cost Vision-based Automated Test System
Rajaram B, Prabhu Desai, Hariharakrishnan , Arun Mozhi, Delphi Automotive Systems
Accelerated Testing Of Package Implementations
Amit Ghag, Capgemini
Realizing Efficiency and Effectiveness in Software Testing through a Comprehensive Metrics Model
Mandeep Walia, Infosys Technologies
Advantages in Performing a Proactive CAR in Process Improvement
Vikram Veerepalli and Srinivasa Rao Padakanti, Auomatic Data Processing India
Metrics Based Release Decision
Sai Kumar Jamalpur, Sandhya Nagaraj and Kirti Kabra, AppLabs
CloudTesting v/sTesting-Cloud
Neha Mehrotra, Infosys Technologies
Earned Value Management - A Roadmap to Strategic Progect Management and Challenges
Alok Pratap Misra, Tata Consultancy Services
Test Planner and Resource Utilization Dashboard
Pronil Sengupta, Adobe Systems
Eliminating Manual Intervention from Automation Testing - Exploring various possibilities!
Sirisha Reddy G V, Padakanti Srinivasa, Auomatic Data Processing India
Breakthrough Improvement in User Acceptance Testing
Prasenjit Ghosh, Anoop Kumar, Uday Kumar H.K, Infosys Technologies
Eclipse in Agile
Shiva Reddy B V, Mascon Global
Enterprise Agility - Holistic Transformation Theme (A Study)
Swaroop V, TCS
Efficacy of Randomised Testing - A Model Based Benchmark Problem
Yogananda Jeppu, Prasad K, Chethan CU, Selvamurugan Hariram, Nagaraj Murthy, Prakash R Apte, Moog India Technology Center & IIT Bombay
Robustness Testing of Radar signal Processing Algorithms by Novel Real Time Data Streaming Technique
Gitesh K.K. and Smitha K., Delphi Technical Center India
Secure UP - An Approach of Incorporating Security principles with Unified Process
Sriram Vasudevan, Capgemini
Developers and Testers - Make them work together!
Vipul Gupta, Impetus Infotech
Transforming the Testing Approach- The Agile Way!
Yugank Bhatnagar, Individual
Driving Transformation through Operational Excellence
Jyoti Ashwani, L & T Infotech
Testing Approach - Using Orthogonal Array Technique
Geetha Sridhar, Rajamohamed Sheikabdul Kathar and Vedagiri Venkatraman, iNautix Technologies
Attribute Based Test Designing - An Effective Test Designing Technique
Quality Analysis using Code Coverage
Chandrakala. G. Raju, Unisys Global Services
EqVM - EVM with a quality dimension
Padmasankar Jadu, Thontadarya Telagi, IBM
Buy One & take one free "An ideology"
Sundeep Koul, Capgemini
Test Project Management
Puneet Dhawan, Interglobe Technologies
Test Estimation Technique - Paradoxes in conventional & Approach to Contemporary Techniques
Siddhartha Patra, Qwest
3 Dimensions of Testing of Insurance Application
Rajul Shrivastava, L&T Infotech
Application Security Testing Scientific Approach
Sapna Sharma and Shilpi Chabra, AXVON Consulting
Crowd Sourcing
Saravanana Selvaraj, Qwest
Driving Web Test Automation using Google WebDriver
Kapil Bhalla & Nikhil Bhandari, Intuit
Optimization Usage in Automation through Software Testing
Nidhi Goel and Gaurav Goel, Headstrong
Testing in a Cloud
Ewald Roodenrijs and Ramanathan Iyer, Capgemini
Test Program Management : Test artifacts/processes gap assessments
Shivaprasad BV, IBM
Test Team motivation and management
Shivaprasad BV, IBM
Refining Scrum - Do's and Dont's
Prasanna Ravindran, Aricent
Implementing Performance Modeling Process for large Scale Enterprise Application
Chintan Raval,Vaishali Gulve, Infosys Technologies
Approach To Create Models for Model Based Testing
Anupama Prakash Joshi, Capgemini
Customer Retention
Akanksha Sharma, Prasant Saraogi, Headstrong
A holistic approach to catch Runtime Memory Leaks in JAVA Applications
Abhishek Chaudhary, Arijit Basak, Infosys Technologies
Ambiquity testing and its benefits
Ram Kumar Viswanathan, Qwest
Testing a web application - A Thorough Approach
Gulshan Kumar, Kanika Choudhary, Headstrong
Role of Automation CoE in providing value add-on
Shanthling Kodli, Qwest
Dynamic Memory Management in C
Kishore Anumakonda, Chintan Raval, Infosys Technologies
Optimal Oracle Database Uploads
Dakshinamurty Y, Padmaja Pothumudi, Infosys Technologies
System Performance Management and Tuning
Ashik Cariappa, Qwest
Testing 4G Applications Testing: When, What and Why
Kishore Kuppireddy, Qwest
Parametric Estimation – A Test Estimation Technique
Srikanth Reddy, Qwest
Test Data Management for Data Intensive applications
Pratap Narasimharaju, Qwest
Model Based Testing
Vinay Ananthaswamy, Qwest
Leveraging Excel Macros for Generating Test Cases
Sunil Kumar, Qwest
Exploratory Testing
Ahamed Mohideen, Qwest
You are arrested – Downtime!!!
Dhananjaya Bennur, Qwest
Proven Engagement model in Captive Unit
Venkatesh Shamabhat,Pushpaja Ankalakoti, Qwest
Innovative Practices for effective test management
Aparna Raman, INOFU Consulting
Estimation Technique for Performance Tuning Projects
Sanjay Solanke, Tushar Bhalerao, Rex Gonsalves and Ankit Gautam, Infosys Technologies
ROI Metrics for Testing Engagement
Vineet Singh Pangtey, Capgemini
Test Case Outsourced
Vivekanand Suman, Aniruddha A Dindorkar and Shaham Yusuf, Deloitte Consulting
Effective Test Resource Pool Management
Muthulakshmi Sundharam, Honeywell Technology Solutions
Function Point Analysis - A Strategic Approach to derive Test Productivity
Hemapriya Durairaj, Qwest
Repeatable Regression Test Strategy
Sudhir Krishnamurthy, Qwest
The next generation tester V 8.0
Pradeep Soundararajan, Moolya Testing
AutoGile – Test Automation in Agile projects’
Dipankar Biswas, Hitesh Desai and Sonali Akhave, Patni Computer Systems
Quantitative Test Management
Bhavesh Parikh, Patni Computer Systems
Agile Methodology Using SCRUM
Gautam Berry, Headstrong
Agile Testing
Manoj Jain, CA Technologies
Agile Testing and Quality Improvement Activities
Ramya M, Honeywell Technology Solutions
BRE Configuration Testing in Service Oriented Architecture
Krishnachander K, HCL Technologies
Automation scope in Localisation testing
Vijay V.Kalkundri, Nokia India
Reusable Test Automation (RTA) – Framework
Vinod SH,Murali V, Siemens Information Systems
All-round Testing Innovation Results in Successful UGIS Implementation
Suneel Dixit, Infotech Enterprises
Role of Validation Technique in Telecom/Data mart/Business Analytics Software Testing
Om Prakash Singh, IBM
Managed Test Service
Susmita Ray, SAIC
HealthCare - Interoperability Testing
Y.Kiran Kumar, Philips Electronics India Ltd
A Closed Loop Estimation Model for Software Testing
Balamurali L;Akhila E K, Network Systems & Technologies
Software Test Management - From Art to Science
Balamurali L, Akhila E K, Geethu K Nair, Sreepooja Anilkumar, Network Systems and Technologies
Test approach in sofware product lines
Hariharan, Rajarajan, HTS
Practical Experience of Automated Testing
Ravi U K, Nous Infosystems
Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse ETL Testing
Anand Singh, Accenture
Orchestrating Process for Quality
Purnima Jain, Adobe Systems
Count Your Chickens before they hatch-Defect Forecast in Testing Project
Almas M. Gandhi, Aarti Sharma, L&T Infotech
Web Testing – An Open Source Approach
Susmita Ray & Praveen Khanna, SAIC
Cloud Computing Testing Framework
Bharat Shah, Lockheed Martin IS&GS-Civil
System Security Verification, Validation And Testing Framework
Bharat Shah, Lockheed Martin IS&GS-Civil
Test Case Prioritization technique to improve quality and delivery time of Software Products
Anand Chaudhari, Honewell
Achieving maturity in agile through lean principles
Nanjunda Prasad, Siemens Information Systems
Performance Testing in Agile Environment - An Approach & Methodology
Saroj Patnaik, Fiserv
Agile Testing Best Practices
Vidhi Yadav, Tech Mahindra
Planning and Execution of Manual Testing activities in Agile Scrum Development
Ravi Prakash H S, Nous Infosystems
OBIEE Testing - Effective and Efficient Approach
Anshika Goyal, Jojibabu Gubili, Accenture
eCommerce Performance Testing
Sameeran .R. Mirajkar, Deloitte Consulting
Accessibility Testing - Challenges and Best Practises
Prashant K Katiyar, Shirshendu Saha, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Process Performance Model for Testing Phase in Agile Development
Reefa Mary, Asha Manjusha, Pradeep P P, Balamurali L, NeST
Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in Testing Projects
Sachin Kinare, Appaji Kumbhar, Capgemini
On Demand Cost Effective KT for Test Sesions
Shivaprasad BV, IBM
Automation: Science or Fiction?
Dinesh Kukreja,Pronil Sengupta, Adobe Systems
Best Practise for Web Services Automation of heterogeneous Structures
Amit Tyagi, sudeep dalawai, srikant gandikota, ashwin kulkarni, sendhil sekhar, mahesh shambamurthy, saikumar thaniyappa, CGI
Effective process to manage testing in iterative development lifecycle
Durairaj, IBM
Reporting Solutions in Automation
Rakhi Sharma, Headstrong
SOA _Gray Box
R.Sreenivasa Rao, Qwest
Enterprise Testing -Service & Solutions
Sudheer Kumar B, Qwest
Functional,Performance and Operability Testing at Major Electronics retailer in US
Shivaprasad BV, IBM
Business Strategies
Savitha Vaidya, Torry Harris Business Solutions
Outsourced Product Testing: Challenges in Customer Value Creation
Raja Bavani, MindTree
Mobiltiy testing Apporach
Madhu Mandanna, Qwest
Non-Linear Services
Bansilal Parasuram, Qwest
Network Profile Database (NPD)
Sandeep Jena,Shebani, Qwest
ITIL V3 - A model for Application Test Factory Services
Renu L Rajani, IBM
Maximizing Roi Through Reusability In Test Automation Across Products - A Case Study
Anitha Bimal, Vinay Jagadabi, Ramakrishna Kavirayani, EMC Data Storage Systems
Optimizing Software Testing Cost - A practitioner's Perspective
Rajagopal K, Deepa G and Prem Sagar S, Network Solutions and Technologies Ltd.
Strategizing Performance Testing of "Desktop Applications" - A useful direction for any consumer product's testing
Sajith Kumar.T.P, McAfee
Test Execution made effective
Divya Prakash and Karthik Yanamandra, McAfee
Measurement of Test Completeness - A High Maturity Approach
Kevin Harris; Rajesh TV, Siemens
The art of securing: Techniques and KPIs
Disha Agarwal and Yachna Khare, Adobe Systems
Performance Benchmarking
Ridhi Saksena, McAfee
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